What is a Church Worker Retreat?

A Church Worker retreat is an opportunity for church workers to Reflect, Restore and Reinvigorate for renewed energy and joy in ministry.  It’s a retreat in the purest sense of the word: a real break from the hectic and stressful ministry lifestyle and time to rest in God’s good grace.  At a Church Worker retreat, you will Reflect on God’s design for your spiritual and physical health and wellness, restore your body and soul through fresh rhema from anointed men of God, worship and fellowship and Re-invigorate for a return to ministry with a plan for a healthier lifestyle back home.

Who attends Church Worker Retreats?        

All active church workers are invited to attend BIG workers retreat.

Why do people attend Church Worker Retreats?

Though everyone will experience the retreat in their own personal way. Some may see it as pause point in the sometimes-frantic lifestyle of ministry Our Church Worker retreats is focused on teaching God’s kingdom workers;

  • Christian Character
  • To care for themselves and their families so that they can better care for those they serve.
  • Healthier practices, such as diet and exercise.
  • Personal Development & Financial Management
  • Teach how to work on the relationships at home, marriage and family.
  • Warring against forces that will hinder us
  • How to renew your worship and devotional life and strengthen their relationship with God in Christ.
  • How to build spiritual capacity

Where is BIG Church Worker retreats holding?

Venue is to be shared with workers only.

What is the schedule for the retreat?

It’s a 1-day retreats. it begins by 8:30am (Jesus time) on Saturday 27th January 2018 and conclude by 4:30pm same day.  With four teaching sessions which has a Question & answer sessions plus 15mins leg break after each session . Then a Matters Arising session before the closing prayer

What will be taught at the Church Worker retreat?

  • Christian Character that will enable us run to win (Pastor IK) – This speaks to the fruits expected of us as believers in Christ that will help us run to win, how we develop these fruits and consistently display them in all circumstances
  • Running to win through Personal Development & Finance Management (Pastor KT) – This should cover non-spiritual areas where we need to develop ourselves to run to win. This speaks to communication, time management & money management and relationship management
  • Warring against forces that will hinder us from running to win (Pastor Yinka) – In running to win, what (or who) are the spiritual hindrances and how do we deal with them. This speaks to identifying the “enemies” in the spirit of our winning becoming a reality, the weapons available to deal with them and how to use these weapons.
  • Building spiritual capacity to enable us run to win (Pastor Afolabi) – This should cover important spiritual habits that we need to build to run to win. What are the benefits of these habits and how can one develop these habits. What are the pitfalls to watch out for in the process of building these habits?

What’s the cost of a retreat?

It is sponsored by the workers directorate and supported by the workers.

We require your Honest feedback to improve on this programme.